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Terms of Sale

Conditions of sale

1. The sales are in Euro to the highest bidder. The starting price for each lot is the one listed as starting price in the auction catalogue, unlessthere are higher offers received by mail, by telephone or online. These sale’s conditions control the auction sales and the negotiation of thelots awarded to casa d’Aste Montenegro.
2. In the event of identical bids arrived by mail or by telephone the one that came first in order of time overides, and in any case it has priorityover equal offers in the room. The image’s copyrights contained in this catalog belong to Casa d’aste Montenegro S.r.l. the contents can’t beused by the buyer or by others without the agreement of Casa d’Aste Montenegro Srl.
3. All the material in the auction catalog is owned by a third party. Casa d’Aste Montenegro s.r.l. sells on behalf of a third party from whom aregular term of sale has been received and is therefore liable to purchasers and conferring solely as an agent.
4. The minimum shots bids, which can be defined at the auctioneer discretion.
5. Auction fees equal to 20% VAT included, must be added to the purchase price, which will be defined at the third call.
6. Each participant is personally liable for his purchases and can not claim to have acted on behalf of third parties.
7. Casa d’Aste Montenegro s.r.l. reserves the right to refuse the entry to participants in the room and ask for information on general or bankreferences from the participants.
8. The auctioneer also reserves the right to withdraw, regroup, split or vary the order of the lots, or in the event of a dispute during anadjudication, to put the lot up for discussion again in the same session starting from the last bid. In addition, the auctioneer, if there is aplausible explanation, may refuse an offer made in the room, by mail or by telephone.
9. Casa d’Aste Montenegro s.r.l. disclaims any liability with regard to those who participate in the auction via telephone, regarding any error that may occur during or before the connection. In addition, the participation via phone still has to be planned at least 5 days before the auction ,the request must be signed and submitted at least three days before the auction, and it will only be accepted for those lots whose starting price exceed 600 EUR. in the event of not being able to contact the participant via phone and not having any higher offers in the room, the lot willbe adjudicated based on the starting bid price.
10. Casa d’Aste Montenegro s.r.l. also reserves the right, through the competent authorities, to use recordings of phone calls as evidence in caseof disputes over the allocation of lots.
11. The description of the lots, the state of preservation, and their rarity are described in a totally subjective perspective. The lots are availablefor buyers to be inspected on the day before the auction.
12. The sold lots in the room must be paid and picked up by the purchaser at his own risk, within the first 24 hours from sale. Shipments areguaranteed for lots whose orders were received via mail or via telephone, and they will be sent only after the payment of the invoice by check or wire , and are to be paid by the buyer, including any costs for exporting.
13. Casa d’Aste Montenegro does not submit export practices both for CEE and extra CEE countries.
14. The goods will travel in a secured mean of transport payed by the purchaser, both for Italy and other countries. In case of invoices not paidwithin 8 days, an interest rate of 1% per month will be charged.
15. The auction’s participants who took part via mail, telephone or online may be informed about the outcome of their bids by calling, startingafter three working days after the closing of the auction, at +39 011 546 365, sending an email to info@casadastemontenegro.it or via thewebsite (if registered).
16. Casa d’Aste Montenegro s.r.l. has no responsibility to inform the customer about the outcome of their bids.
17.What is offered by Casa d’Aste Montenegro s.r.l. is guaranteed, genuine and unless otherwise specified in the catalog, without hidden defects.Any complaint will be considered only if submitted within 8 days, and in any case before payment. For these terms refer to the postmark.
18. Casa d’Aste Montenegro s.r.l. will not consider any complaint after the adjudication took place, regarding the state of preservation, classification,description of the lot, defects or anomalies clearly indicated in the catalog or easily visible from the photos, defects or abnormalities attributableto the conduct of the purchaser after picking up the items, and for everything related to multiple lots.
19. Participation in the auction constitutes full acceptance of these terms of sale.
20. The Italian text is authentic and translations into other languages are provided solely for the convenience of the reader. For any dispute refer to thecourt of Turin.

The prices indicated in thie catalogues are in Euro, and they are not estimates but starting price.

Once drafted, the award list will only be available for the participants of the auction.